Physical Rehabilitation - Underwater Treadmill Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Exercises Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Massage & Modalities Pain Management - Acupuncture Wellness Services

Physical Rehabilitation - Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmill utilizes the properties of water to facilitate healing and physical conditioning while your pet exercises in a controlled environment.

Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Exercises

An individualized exercise program tailored to meet the needs of your pet in order to slow the progression of disease, improve mobility, and facilitate a better quality of life.

Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Massage & Modalities

A variety of treatments to improve the physical and emotional well-being of your pet.

Pain Management - Acupuncture

Acupuncture enhances the healing process by decreasing pain and stimulating neuromuscular function.

Wellness Services

Our veterinarians will provide recommendations for proper medications, supplements, diet, and nutritional support for the health of your pet.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about K9 Gym and Rehabilitation Center

    What is Canine Rehabilitation?
    Canine rehabilitation focuses on the evaluation and treatment of various conditions, which may be due to trauma/injury or chronic disease like arthritis. The goal of rehabilitation is to improve your pet’s quality of life by decreasing pain and restoring function.  In the past, animals were immobilized or crated to after an injury or surgery.  Immobilization is detrimental, causing discomfort, muscle atrophy (loss), scar tissue formation, and learned disuse of a limb.  Rehabilitation is a key component of the healing process.

    What is multimodal pain and injury management?
    Multimodal management looks at your entire pet and not just one area, using a holistic approach provides your pet the best opportunity for a successful recovery. Our veterinarian and physical therapist will evaluate your pet’s whole body and propose a comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation plan. The plan will include recommendations for physical therapy, pain management, medication/supplements, diet, and home modifications; in order to accelerate your pet’s healing and prevent future injuries.

    What if my dog hates water?
    While you may feel your pet dislikes or is afraid of water, most dogs are natural swimmers and with a little encouragement your pet will learn to enjoy the underwater treadmill as your pet gains confidence. The warm water gradually fills from the bottom up and we encourage you to stand near your pet outside of the tank, giving praise, toys, and treats as necessary to make the experience enjoyable. Your pet may wear a flotation device (life vest) for safety and to help with buoyancy. Depending on your pet’s needs, our trained staff will assist your pet’s gait mechanics (walking), and complete joint range of motion, stretching, massage, and/or light strengthening exercises if appropriate.

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