Physical Rehabilitation - Underwater Treadmill Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Exercises Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Massage & Modalities Pain Management - Acupuncture Wellness Services

Physical Rehabilitation - Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmill utilizes the properties of water to facilitate healing and physical conditioning while your pet exercises in a controlled environment.

Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Exercises

An individualized exercise program tailored to meet the needs of your pet in order to slow the progression of disease, improve mobility, and facilitate a better quality of life.

Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Massage & Modalities

A variety of treatments to improve the physical and emotional well-being of your pet.

Pain Management - Acupuncture

Acupuncture enhances the healing process by decreasing pain and stimulating neuromuscular function.

Wellness Services

Our veterinarians will provide recommendations for proper medications, supplements, diet, and nutritional support for the health of your pet.


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    Conditioning and Return to Sport

    This program is geared toward canine athletes at any stage in their career to prevent injury and enhance their performance.

    Conditioning & Return to Sport

    Regaining simple daily function is not enough, sporting dogs must go to the next level and regain those special abilities that not only make them successful in their sport but also prevent re-injury or future injuries through a customized, fitness program. A tailored program will include sport-specific exercises for improving range of motion, strength, endurance, proprioception (body awareness), and warm up and cool down exercises, in order to condition your pet to be at the top of his/her performance.

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